‘The MMM Free Flight Model Airplane Club Welcomes You!’

The MMM Free Flight Club is ALWAYS looking for those interested model airplane flyers that want a different challenge or just want to recreate those fun modeling experiences other than RC or Control Line.  Free Flight is a step into making airplanes fly by themselves with no control.  Learning this valuable technology is a wonderful experience.
Here is where it took Jace Pivonka, one of our members who wanted to learn the advantage of Free Flight.  From the January 2015 issue of “Boy’s Life” … the magazine for the Boy Scouts of America.
Congratulations Jace !!

New Gate Lock Procedures on the Lowry Range – Important !

Due to a new State Land Board policy, all lessees (e.g., ConocoPhillips, the Hunt Club, the grazing lessee, etc.) now have their own locks on the gates to the LowryRange.  MMM and SAM-1 share brass-colored locks engraved with “MMM-SAM-1.” 

There are many locks on the gate now, so you need to be extra careful that you DO NOT LOCK OUT another lock by bypassing it when you lock the gate.  They should all be linked in series a continuous “chain” so that any lessee can open and close the gate with their lock.  Locking out someone else is a sure way to get our lock cut and removed.  It also antagonizes other lessees, and we can’t afford to do that.  Please make sure that any guestsyou invite to the field are aware of this.  These things may be obvious to us, but they probably aren’t to someone new to the field or who hasn’t encountered multiple locks on a gate before.

If you have any questions about this, especially if you’re at the gate and are uncertain of what to do, or if you need the combination (which is new since last November) please call or text:

  • Pete McQuade, 719-433-5346.
  • Chuck Etherington, 720-201-6218
  • Don DeLoach, 719-964-7117

For security, we prefer not to give the combination over a widespread e-mail message or on the club website

  • June 8-12, 2015 – The AMA Indoor Nationals will be in Colorado Springs! 

We have a super deal for an indoor Nats hotel.  The Antlers Hilton in downtown Colorado Springs which  is just 6 blocks from the City Auditorium is offering us a special rate for their “standard” rooms for only $119 per night.
The AARP and AAA rates are $161/night.
This is a top rated hotel in the heart of a great city. The lobby bar is a great meeting place and Judge Baldwin’s brew pub offers a selection of Colorado’s top craft beers on tap plus great pub food.
This offer includes free self parking in the hotel’s underground garage (a $20 per day savings), free Wi-Fi, and a $11 discount for the breakfast buffet.
For additional information of the Antlers check out the hotel’s web site at  www.antlerscoloradosprings.hilton.com.
This is a limited time offer as June is a top tourist time in Colorado so this offer expires May 7.
You can book your reservations by calling the hotel’s 800 number or call the hotel directly.
be sure to ask for the AMA Group when making your reservations.
Hotel direct number 719 955-5600
Hotel 800 number is 1-800-445-8667
Group is AMA
Offer expires May 7, 2015
We thank the Antlers for their sponsorship of the indoor Nats with this great offer.

Special P-18 Event for flyers and our “PRO-AM” event.   The P-18 pro-am is the flying phase of the student build on Wednesday and fly on Thursday event.  The PRO AM will provide a model for a new flyer to keep from the event.  P-18 is an acknowledgement of the model created by Mr. Don Mace.

P-18 Rules:

  • Model dimensions for overall length and wingspan are 18″ assembled
  • A 5-1/5 inch diameter solid plastic propeller,.  Balancing by adding weight to the light blade only.
  • Minimum model weight 7 grams (.25 ounces)

Kid’s Pro-Am Entry !

Students taking part in this event will build the model airplane shown above with the help of experienced modelers and then fly it with the aid of expert indoor model airplane competitors. This STEM event will give students first hand experience with the four forces working on an airplane in flight while enjoying the thrill of seeing the airplane they built fly freely.  Each student will receive a laser cut kit of the P-18 Hawk, rubber motor and a rubber winder to take home for additional experimentation.  See Form here: P-18IndoorProAmEntry

Check Back,  for updates

  • 2015 World Cup Contests !!  The USA Centennial Cup July 10 and the New Zealand TUI Cup July 11


Flyer and entry form:  2015-14RndFAI

FAI World Cup Info:  NLFFWCUP15

  • LATEST EVENTS AND INFORMATION (See Places to Stay in Header Bar)
  • Contest fees can be paid by Paypal…scroll waay down
  • The outdoor flying season is upon us !I  See the menu bar above for schedule
  • Indoor Flying Sessions -  Manitou High School Gym….monitor the Yahoo web group for current event dates and see current 2015 Schedule in header bar above.


 The MMM Club at the field….free flight is “cool!”

Wouldn’t You Like To Be a Part of This?

Now, some of the frequently asked  questions about Free flight and what one can do to be part of it?

  • How does one join? What are the dues? ( MMM dues to the club primarily defray the filed lease cost for a place to fly.) Joining the MMM Club is easy.  Dues are described in the  link and for younger flyers, is waived.  All one has to do is fill out the application blank from the pull down or click here:   2015MMMDuesRenewal
  • Where do you fly?  The MMM Club is fortunate to have one of the finest Free Flight Fields available.  It is leased from the Colorado State Land Board and hence their is responsibility involved.  The field is located approximately 11 miles east of E470 on Quincy Avenue in Aurora Colorado.  Details on accessing the field are available from the club contacts, however, the ability to fly on the field is subject to Land Board and Club Restrictions.
  • Can I come out to the field and watch?  We encourage spectators to come out to the field during our flying events and watch the activity.  One must first notify the contest director or one of the club officers.  The contacts are listed above.
  • I used to build models and I am just getting back into the hobby. What should I do to catch up with the current trends?  Will someone help me learn to fly a free flight model?  We are a club that encourages participation and are willing to provide what help is necessary to new and returning modelers who are showing an interest in Free Flight Modeling.
  • My son flies S/O or TSA models. Where are some club activities so that we can join in?  The good news we mentor many S/O and TSA young flyers.  The GREAT news is our kids usually take honors in the S/O and TSA programs.  Our mentors are World Class and National winners.
MMMr’s at the Southwest regional in Eloy Arizona…well done!
Left to Right: Jerry Murphy, Randy Reynolds, Jack Murphy, Don DeLoach (Grand Champ!), Rick Pangell, Todd Reynolds, Mark Covington, Ray Boyd…(where’s Jace?)
What a good well equipped “FF flight line for two” looks like: (Rick and Murph)

Pay your MMM Dues or Contest Fees with Paypal!

  • Log in to paypal.com
  • Click  on “Send Money” in the upper menu bar
  • In the “To” block, type in mmmffclub@gmail.com,  the amount, and click the button “Services”

In the next form where you confirm payment, in the Lower “Subject” and “Message” boxes state what the money is for… annual dues, entry fees and such.  When pre-entering a contest that needs event selection or similar, you still need to send in the pre-registration form to the Contest Directors.


Flyer and entry form: