Who We Are and Bylaws

The Magnificent Mountain Men (MMM) Free Flight Club is Colorado’s major outdoor Free Flight club. It encourages recreational Free Flight and sponsors monthly club competitions in the spring, summer, and fall.

The MMM Club promotes the building and flying of all sorts of free flying model airplanes whether an original design for high performance competition, or kit models for scale or sport. If you are interested in building and flying free flight models, we highly encourage you to join our ranks and share the knowledge and help that club membership affords. Our members are always willing to help and give advice for the new “free-flighter” or you former flyers regaining the fun of your youth.

The Club also actively participates in the U.S. Team Selection Program for the World Championships. Several MMM members have represented the United States in the World Championships, and many have been National Champions in their chosen events. We invite you to share in the fun!